National Records Office is a online company that focuses on generating property history reports for new homeowners and those who are thinking of selling. The documentation report provides homeowners with information about their land and the framework that are built upon it. The report from National Records Office provides homeowner useful information when determining the value of a property or when individuals are ready to take the lead from renting to owning and want to know more about the property.


Want to know more?

National Records Office is a modern record provider that works with third party providers to ensure that all of the data that they offer to customers is as accurate as possible. Some people may not know but county records are the most popular source for such information, but these may stem from data collected by state education agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other multiple institutions. Below are a few of the details that you can access with this report:

Property details

Real value

Neighbor statistics

Criminal activity

Educational opportunities

Resident demographics

Foreclosure activity

Property history